Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a consultation?

A consultation with Dr Miroshnik is priced at $300. You will be asked to make a credit card payment of this amount upon booking. If you bring a referral with you, this amount will be partially rebatable.

The first consultation, if it is surgical, generally lasts 1 hour. If you decide to proceed to surgery then the entire cost of the consultation is taken off any procedural costs. Subsequent consultations prior to your surgery, which are taken within a month of your initial consultation, are free of charge.

Do I need a referral?

A referral from your local GP is not required but if you have one, then the cost of your consultation may be rebatable.

What if I live outside of Sydney?

We have an increasing number of patients that travel large distances to have their surgery performed by Dr Miroshnik in Sydney. In many instances, we can plan and arrange your surgery via phone and email communication. Please contact us via email or phone us on 1300 88 90 50 to discuss the options available.

What happens during my first consultation?

You will be required to complete a Registration Form for the clinic and your medical history will be reviewed and assessed. For those considering cosmetic surgery, Dr Miroshnik will generally spend an hour with you discussing your specific concerns as well as the possible procedural options that you may benefit from. Photographs will usually be taken and you will receive an information pack. It is strongly encouraged that you learn a little about your procedure of interest prior to first consultation by referring to our 3D Animations. If you have a date in mind for your surgery, it may be booked during your first or subsequent consultation. To save time, you can print the registration form, fill it out and bring it with you. Simply click on 'registration form' above.

Will I be able to have a minor procedure performed on the same day as consultation?

For small surgical procedures eg. excision of moles or non-surgical procedures eg. Botulinum toxin injections/Injectable fillers, consult times are shorter and they may be performed on the same day.

What happens after the first consultation?

For larger procedures, you will usually be encouraged to attend a second consultation which is free of charge. This allows time for you to consider all the information you have been given, prepare questions and conduct your own research. It also allows time for a cost estimate to be prepared and sent to you. A suitable date & time for your surgery will be organised & any additional blood tests, x-rays, implants or garments are arranged.

What are the costs?

With all surgical procedures there are three costs that need to be considered. These are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital fee. Some procedures such as a breast reduction, breast lift, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck as well as any reconstructive surgery are often rebatable by your health fund which can significantly reduce the overall costs. The anaesthetic fee is time dependent, while the hospital fee may vary depending on which hospital you choose to have your surgery performed at. We will prepare a detailed invoice which will explain and itemise all the costs that are associated with your procedure.

Do you provide finance for costs associated with surgery?

If you need help to finance your surgical procedure, MAC Credit may be able to help you. Please see their link MAC Credit.

Will I need to go to hospital for my procedure?

This depends on your procedure and the complexity of the surgery. Some procedures are quite simple and may be performed in the procedural rooms of the clinic using local anaesthetic. Other procedures require a general anaesthetic and will be performed in one of several accredited private hospitals. Sometimes you may go home the same day as surgery, while for larger procedures a brief hospital stay may be required.

How do I make contact with Dr Miroshnik?

For all appointments please call 1300 88 90 50.

For all email enquiries send to

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