Nose Surgery

Nose Reshaping (Nose Job), or Rhinoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. Often, the structure or size of the nose is not proportionate with the other features on the face. Nose reshaping procedures can help to correct the disproportionate appearance of the nose by altering the size or shape of the nose, the nasal tip, the span of the nostrils, or the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

There are two basic forms of nose reshaping surgery - Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, the nasal skin is lifted off the nasal skeleton to allow for more exposure of the cartilages and bones of the nose. Closed rhinoplasty, on the other hand, involves internal incisions only and the skin of the nose stays in position during the entire procedure.

For more information on each of these individual procedures, please click on one of the subheadings above.

Dr Miroshnik, discusses what is involved in cosmetic rhinoplasty or 'nose-job' surgery

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