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I saw Dr Miroshnik for a breast implant revision, Botox and fillers. He is an exceptional surgeon. Apart from his impeccable credentials, knowledge and amazing surgical skills, he is very caring and lovely to deal with. He makes you feel comfortable immediately, takes time to explain everything and is always happy to answer any questions, both before and after surgery. His pre and post operative instructions were very thorough and his comments about what to expect after surgery were absolutely spot on.

I had a breast implant revision and the results are perfect. They look very natural and are the perfect size and shape with minimal and well hidden scars. They look 100 times better than they did when I first had implants 12 years ago.

I had never had injectables prior to seeing him and was very nervous about it being 'obvious' but the results were fabulous. He is a perfectionist in every regard. I also use his skincare range which is both beautiful to use and effective. His practice manager is also absolutely lovely and very helpful. Overall I am thrilled with my results and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Miroshnik to anyone.

Tracey, 36, Broadway

It is difficult to choose the right words to explain how elated I am with my new body. I am 34 years old and have 3 wonderful kids. The toils of pregnancy had certainly left my breasts and tummy a little worse for wear. My arms were never an issue but after the weight fluctuations I experienced over the last 7 years, they too became flabby and embarrassing for me. Dr Miroshnik, who is absolutely gorgeous, took all the time in the world to explain what I needed to get done to make me feel like myself again! I ended up having a mammoth 8 hour procedure during which my breasts were reduced and lifted, my tummy tucked and my arms lifted and tightened. I bounced back quickly and have never looked back since. I absolutely love my new body, everything is so tight and youthful again and I can finally go back to the beach without looking embarrassed. Thank you Dr Miroshnik for such an amazing transformation - you are a miracle worker!

Jodie, 34, Bellevue Hill

Thank you so much Dr Miroshnik (& team) for restoring confidence in myself. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with my new breasts and figure. I have never really been happy with neither the size nor shape of my breasts. Nature had forsaken me with extra wide hips and a very flat AA cup sized chest which looked totally out of proportion. I saw 2 other surgeons but it was Dr Miroshnik who I felt understood me better and offered a great solution to my dilemma. He suggested a natural looking teardrop implant for my breast and liposuction for my thighs. The procedures were done together as day surgery and I bounced back quicker than I expected. There really wasn’t much discomfort at all to speak of and now I cannot stop looking at my body each morning as I step out of the shower! You are truly an amazing man.

Kris, 32, Brisbane

Dr Michael Miroshnik was one of 3 Plastic Surgeons I had selected to see from my research for my Breast Augmentation. After breastfeeding my 3 kids I was left with saggy breasts, which I felt neither compliment my body, nor how I felt from the inside. I desperately wanted to regain what I felt I had lost, and with it regain a new lease in life. I knew how I wanted to look, but it was a matter of finding the right person to do this for me.

All of the surgeons on my list were highly qualified in their skills and were all well known in their field, so my main criteria of finding a competent surgeon was present in all if my top 3 . I knew the end result of what I did and didn’t want, but needed to find a surgeon to help me achieve this. Another very important criteria for me, was to find a surgeon who was willing to work with me and not look at me just like another patient. This to me was just as important, as it took some time for me to make the decision to have Breast Augmentation , and this was the person I was trusting to make my "dream look" come true. Michael was the last of the surgeon’s I visited. Not that the previous 2 visited lacked in professionalism or competence, but I felt they lacked the "personal touch". After visiting Dr Miroshnik I was so glad that I had truly left the best to last. From the minute I was greeted at his offices I felt a sense of warmth and ease. I found he had the time and willingness to listen to all my likes and dislikes about my body, and together discussed the possibilities of how my desired results could be achieved with what little or no breast I had left. My consultation was one which left me thoroughly informed, and excited about the transformation which we had discussed and were going to achieve. I was made to feel like we were a team and spent time going over achievable results with a sense of excitement as well, not leaving me to feel like just "another boob job". I had no thinking or choices to make after my consult. I booked the date and paid a deposit on the spot.

This testimonial I am writing 3 months out of my surgery, as I needed to ensure that the exceptional treatment I received stretched beyond that of my surgery. Not only did my procedure go as was explained, the ongoing support and follow ups were above and beyond what I would have expected. There is no choice when selecting a Plastic Surgeon, as Michael is the only choice. I have no hesitation to recommend him as he not only is a perfectionist, but more importantly an exceptional person to deal with. I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous results I have, and for making my transformation one that was nothing but positive from beginning to end.

Tess, 45, Sydney

Thank you Dr Miroshnik for your refreshing and approachable nature from the moment I met you. I felt comfortable and confident with your knowledge and expertise in all areas of your profession. I experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism from you and your team. From the very first consultation to the surgery day, all your staff and work colleagues were outstanding, making the whole experience very personal.

Plastic Surgery is a decision that is difficult to make for most of us; sometimes it takes years of deliberation. For two years I wasn't happy with the way my stomach looked after two caesarean sections and a bellybutton hernia, I'd been talking about having a tummy tuck for many years but was very reluctant. However, after my initial consultation with Dr. Miroshnik, he made me feel so comfortable and thoroughly explained the procedure from start to finish, constantly asking if I had any questions. I never felt pushed into the procedure, but I certainly felt confident in my choice of Plastic Surgeon. I was quite surprised at my speedy recovery and now I love my flat new stomach!

Belinda G, 36, Five Dock

A sincere thank you...

Following extensive facial injuries sustained during an accident, Dr. Miroshnik has returned my full confidence in my appearance. Twenty six at the time of my accident, I believed, as did my family, that I had damaged my face, beyond repair to a certain extent, and would have to learn to live with the scars and reminders for the rest of my life.

Following four reconstructive procedures to mend and reshape the multiple fractures to my brow, right eye socket, cheekbones and nose, my face now reveals no trace whatsoever of my injuries and no visible scars from the procedures carried out.

Dr. Miroshnik's work is nothing short of genius. I admire him so much as a surgeon and person and will remain forever grateful to him.

Irene C, 27, Paddington

I am absolutely overjoyed at the new life that Dr Miroshnik has given to me. I am 25 and have always been self-conscious about my small breasts. For many years, I have considered getting them enlarged but have been talked out of it by my friends and family. When I finally did see another surgeon, I felt like he didn't listen to me and my needs and so did not fill me with confidence in getting the operation.

Dr Miroshnik, on the other hand, had all the time in the world for me- he never brushed me aside and spent a long time listening to my needs and educating me on what is involved in the surgery. Finally, we decided on the right sized implants and I took the plunge and got the procedure done. I couldn't believe how great I looked immediately afterwards and I am so happy I had it done. Thank you so very much!

Rachel W, 25, Coogee

I was very impressed and satisfied with my procedures and how well I was treated at Dr Miroshnik's rooms. I always felt I had a strong, prominent jawline and wanted a softer shape. I also used to grind my teeth a lot, especially while I was sleeping at night. Dr Miroshnik used a combination of injections to give my face a better shape and stop my grinding. I couldn't believe how well it all turned out. Thank you for everything.

Samantha H, 25, Cronulla

I've told everyone about the wonderful, professional and positive experience I've had with Dr Miroshnik and his team. I was so nervous prior to my surgery and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. The nurses and the anaesthetist were fabulous. I am 100% satisfied and thrilled with my results. I have already spoken with Dr Miroshnik about my next procedure!

Belinda M, 34, Concord

My Dermatologist referred me to Dr Miroshnik to have a Skin Cancer removed from behind my left ear requiring a "Flap Repair" When I return to the Dermatologist he said "This is exceptional work!"

I found Dr Miroshnik to be professional yet friendly and was very pleased with cosmetic result.

Steve B, 55, Rose Bay

I was referred to Dr Miroshnik by my local GP of many years. My problem was that my upper eyelids were hanging down too low. The excess skin made it very difficult for me to see objects in the periphery and my family and friends constantly thought that I had a very 'tired' look to my face. Dr Miroshnik spent a great deal of time listening to my needs and explaining my options. He never pushed me and was happy to see me on more than one occasion prior to my surgery. I underwent the operation with full confidence and am extremely happy with the result. My wife thinks that I look many years younger and I find daily activities such as driving, reading and power walking a lot more comfortable now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.

Bruce H, 62, Double Bay

For many years, I have had large breasts and have considered getting them reduced. My GP would talk me out of it because she explained that the scars involved in such a procedure were quite large. I decided to investigate the topic further and saw a plastic surgeon who planned to operate on them with the use of 2 large anchor shaped scars. I was a little perturbed by this and started to reconsider the whole decision. Luckily, a friend of mine asked to seek the opinion of Dr Miroshnik. He explained to me that my operation could be performed with much smaller scars than that! He planned to reduce them in size as well as lift them and reshape the nipple area all in one operation. The scars involved would be two relatively small vertical lines which I felt a lot more comfortable with. He booked my operation within my holidays and I recovered from it very quickly and with minimal discomfort. I couldn't be more pleased with the new shape and size of my breasts. It has been almost a year now and I still look at them and am amazed at how good they look both within and out of a bra. I have recommended him to several of my friends and they have all been very pleased with their results. My only regret is that I didn't have this procedure done sooner! Thank you so much, Michael, you've given me a new life!!

Catherine R, 31, Vaucluse

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