Gummy Smile Surgery

Many people feel self conscious about smiling because they show too much gum tissue as their lip elevates. This condition, known as a 'gummy smile' is often caused by a number of factors. These factors include overactive lip elevator muscles, too much gingival/mucosal tissues as well as too much maxillary height. The good news is that there is a relatively small procedure that may be performed under local anaesthetic that greatly improves this condition. Dr Miroshnik is one of the only plastic surgeons in the country who performs this technique.

Lip Repositioning Procedure

In this procedure, gum tissue is surgically removed from underneath the lip as well as the lip elevator muscles weakened. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and has a hidden incision. By ensuring that the upper lip doesn't elevate quite so much, the end result is a more attractive smile as well as more natural lip movement with everyday expressions.

Dr Miroshnik performs this procedure in conjunction with a dentist at Bellevue Hill Dental and if any gum repositioning is required it is performed at the same time.

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