Travelling Patients

Patients travelling to Sydney

Dr Miroshnik’s expertise and reputation attract many patients each year from all over Australia and overseas. Dr Miroshnik only consults and operates in Sydney and so we have set up the following guide for out-of-towners who are looking into surgery with Dr Miroshnik. The sequence of arranging surgery is as follows:-

1. Book a phone consultation

To save you the need for extra trips, Dr Miroshnik performs phone consultations as a preliminary way of assessing your needs/desires and suitability for surgery.

The cost of a phone consultation is $250, which will need to be paid upon making the booking.

Book a phone consultation by calling any of these numbers:-

NSW patients: (02) 9389 8108

Other States:  1300 88 90 50 (Cost of a Local Call)

International: +612 9389 8108

To accompany your phone consultation, we will need some photos which Dr Miroshnik will refer to when planning your procedure with you. When taking these photos, try to obtain more than one view of the area eg. Front/Oblique/Side. Please send all photos to Our receptionists will guide you through this.

Complete a registration form by following this link: Patient-Registration-Form

2. Book your surgery date

Dr Miroshnik generally operates on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Once you book a date for your surgery you will be advised when you will need to arrive and how long you will need to stay after your operation. You will need to bring someone with you for at least part of your stay. This can be a partner, relative or good friend. If you are unable to bring someone with you, then let us know early so that we can arrange a nurse to accompany you.

Booking a date for surgery requires a non-refundable deposit, once this is made, we will send you out a surgical pack which will include all the detailed information which pertains to you and your upcoming surgery.

3. Arrange/Book a place to stay in Sydney

Our clinic is located in the same building (top floor) as Quest Serviced Apartments Bondi Junction, making it an ultra-convenient place to stay when it is time for your surgery. When booking a room at Quest, be sure to mention that you are a Dr Miroshnik patient for a special nightly rate which we have negotiated with the hotel. Our staff will be more than happy to help you arrange this.

Some examples of length of stay required in Sydney are shown below. You will however be told exact times after your phone consultation.

Sample times required in Sydney:-

Breast Augmentation: Arrive 1-2 days before surgery date, stay 5 days after.

Breast Reduction / Lifting / Reshaping / Revision / Tuberous / Asymmetry: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 5-7 days after.

Rhinoplasty: Arrive 1 day before, stay 8-9 days after.

Mummy Makeover: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay in hospital 3 days and a further 14 days in Sydney.

 4. Arrival in Sydney for your Surgery

Once you arrive in Sydney, Dr Miroshnik will see you in person and make the final decisions for your upcoming surgery. This is a very important consult and continues where the phone consultation left off.

It is important to avoid smoking (nicotine) and any anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin, nurofen, naprogesic, indocid etc..) prior to surgery. This will be reiterated to you during your booking and phone consultation.

5. Surgery date

You will be given a time to make your way to the hospital and meet the anaesthetist and other staff involved in your operation.

For day surgery procedures, you will be required to have someone pick you up. It is a policy of all the hospitals to not allow you to leave unaccompanied after a general anaesthetic. If you have no one with you, then we are able to arrange a private nurse to accompany you out of the hospital at an additional cost to you.

6. After Surgery

The vast majority of surgery that Dr Miroshnik performs requires only a day stay in the hospital. Larger operations however will require a 1-3 night hospital stay.

A postoperative visit with one of our specialist nurses will be scheduled prior to your departure home. During this visit, all postoperative details will be discussed and scheduled. All postoperative recovery tapes and dressings will also be provided to you.

Our postoperative appointment schedule is flexible and may involve a combination of phone appointments and physical ones throughout the year.