Does Dr Miroshnik participate in GapCover etc?


Dr Miroshnik does not participate in GapCover.

Can I used my private health fund with these operations?

  • Yes, medically justified procedures attract private health fund rebates
  • All procedures that have item numbers are classified as ‘medical’ and ‘reconstructive’
  • Please call our clinic for more information

How do I make contact with Dr Miroshnik?


For all appointments please call 1300 88 90 50 or (02) 9389 8108

International +61 2 9389 8108

For all email enquiries send to or use our contact form.

Will I need to go to hospital for my procedure?


Procedures require general anaesthetic and are performed in hospital. Post operative appointments will be held in the clinic. The two hospitals that Dr Miroshnik operates at are Bondi Junction Private Hospital and East Sydney Private Hospital.

How Much is a Consultation?


Face to face consultations have a fee of $600
Over the phone consultations have a fee of $300
Fees are paid at time of booking, for further information or to book in a consult please contact the clinic on 02 9389 8108 or 1300 88 90 50.

What is the recovery time for the surgery I want to have?

  • Each surgery carries its own recovery time
  • If you are a travelling patient this will involve a stay in Sydney near our clinic
  • Please click the following link for a guide on recovery times

Do I need to have a General Anaesthetic?


Yes just about every procedure Dr Miroshnik performs requires general anaesthesia and you will have a dedicated specialist anaesthetist involved in your care.

Dr Miroshnik has used the same anaesthetists and anaesthetic team for many years and so they have a great deal of experience with the procedures he performs.

Does Dr Miroshnik perform all surgery himself?


Yes. Dr Miroshnik performs all procedures personally.

I am interested in undergoing a surgical procedure with Dr Miroshnik. What should I do now?


Please contact the clinic on 02 9389 8108 (+61 2 9389 8108) or 1300 88 90 50 to book in an initial consultation. Please bear in mind you will need to have a GP referral.

Does Dr Miroshnik consult and/or operate in my city/state?


Dr Miroshnik does not travel for consultations and surgeries. He operates in Sydney, Australia and accepts travelling patients.
Approximately half of Dr Miroshnik’s patients travel from out of town to see him.

What is the waiting period for a consultation/surgery with Dr Miroshnik?


This varies on the time of year, and various other factors such as whether it is a phone or in-person consult. However, expect consultation waiting times to be generally between 3-6 months.

What do I need to do before my initial consultation?


You will need to have a GP referral, fill out a patient registration form and in the case of an over the phone consultation, provide photographs for Dr Miroshnik to examine.

Do I need a referral to see Dr Miroshnik?


Yes, a GP referral is necessary prior to your consultation with Dr Miroshnik. It is also required for any medical rebates.

What is the cost of surgery?


This is dependent on the procedure that is to be performed. For an estimate of a specific surgery, please email the clinic through or use our ‘contact us’ page.

What days does Dr Miroshnik consult on?


Mondays and Wednesdays only.
He operates on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.

Is there a fee for a consultation with Dr Miroshnik?


There is a $600 fee for a face-to-face consultation with Dr Miroshnik. You will be asked to pay this non-refundable fee via credit or debit card upon booking your appointment. If you bring a GP referral with you, the consultation fee will be partially rebatable.

Dr Miroshnik also offers phone consultations for patients who live outside of Sydney or remote locations. The fee for a phone consultation with Dr Miroshnik is $300, and similarly is non-refundable and needs to be prepaid at the time of booking your appointment.  Patients who book phone consultations will have to submit a set of photographs of the relevant area via email to prior to their phone consultation appointment. A phone consultation is not a replacement for a face-to-face consultation, which will still be scheduled at a time closer to your surgery date. If you are an out-of-town patient please follow this link for more detailed instructions on the consultation/surgery process: Travelling Patients.

What if I live outside of Sydney?


Dr Miroshnik accepts travelling patients. Please contact us for more information or click here.