PIP Implants update

February 12th, 2014 by admin

Although Dr Miroshnik has never used these faulty implants we have had a number of patients enquiring about their removal and replacement.

The now bankrupt French company, PIP, had distributed implants around the world that have been made with substandard silicone and as a result have an alarmingly high rupture rate.

We recommend any women who have had these implants to contact their original surgeon for further advice on what to do.

An MRI study is the best way to investigate whether a rupture has occurred in one or both implants, and this is the most logical way of starting the investigation.

For those who would still like to be treated by Dr Miroshnik, please email us for more information on info@drmiroshnik.com.au or call on (02) 9389 8108 (Sydney) or 1300 88 90 50 (Interstate).