Mummy Makeover Surgery

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Restore your pre-baby body with Dr Miroshnik’s renowned mummy makeover (combined breast + tummy surgery)

Becoming a mother, is a new and exciting stage in most women’s lives. However, as any mother will tell you- there are many changes to the body that occur as a result of pregnancy and breast-feeding. These changes are often compounded with multiple pregnancies. Dr Miroshnik’s renowned post-pregnancy makeover (or ‘mummy makeover’) is designed to bring your body back to the way it used to be in one large operation.

The idea is to combine surgery on the breast and tummy, so that the final results are in harmony with one another. A combination of techniques are used which are individualised to your specific requirements. These may include:

Based in Sydney, Dr Miroshnik is well known for his dramatic mummy makeover results and will discuss your customised plan with you during your consultation.


For those considering mummy makeover surgery, please bear in mind the following important points:

Patient Requirements

  • You must be at a stable weight for at least 3 months prior to surgery
  • You must have finished breast feeding for at least 3 months prior to surgery
  • You must be a non-smoker or stopped smoking (and all other nicotine intake) for at least 1 month prior and 1 month after surgery

Recovery Milestones

  • At least 3 weeks off work
  • You will be in hospital for the first 3-4 nights
  • You must have someone to help with the care of young children for at least the first 2 weeks postoperatively


The Mummy Makeover by Dr Miroshnik

Full Mummy Makeover



The full mummy makeover incorporates a full breast rejuvenation ie. breast augmentation, lift, reduction or reshaping as well as a full or extended tummy tuck. Liposuction/liposculpture is also used to remove any stubborn deposits of fat and abdominal wall muscles are tightened, creating a curvy and strong waistline. By far the majority of patients who see Dr Miroshnik for a ‘mummy makeover’ procedure have a full mummy makeover.

If you have private health insurance and medicare, many of the procedures involved during a full mummy makeover are rebatable.


For more information please call us on (02) 9389 8108 or 1300 88 90 50 (interstate patients). 

Mini Mummy Makeover



The mini- mummy makeover is suitable for those that require a breast augmentation only and a mini-tummy tuck. It is a shorter procedure that is designed to reshape and enhance lost volume in the breast and remove any excess skin and fat from the tummy area. As the procedure is shorter and involves no muscle tightening of the torso, recovery is much quicker. Only a smaller subset of patients is suitable for this type of makeover.


For more information please call us on (02) 9389 8108 or 1300 88 90 50 (interstate patients). 

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