Breast Implant Removal (Explantation)

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Over years some women with breast implants may wish to have them removed and subsequently reduced in size. This does not necessarily mean, however, that there needs to be a compromise in shape. To keep the natural breasts looking their best, Dr Miroshnik uses specialised techniques in order ensure what is left over suits the individual’s preferences and lifestyle. This may involve a concurrent breast lift procedure in some, whilst only internal modifications in others.

Breast Implant Removal Options

Remove & Replace old implants with new implants


siltex-gel-family-plus-ultraBreast implants can generally last up to 10-15 years. At the end of this period, it is recommended that they are removed and exchanged for new ones.

Depending on the individual’s circumstances, this is often a great opportunity to adjust size and shape requirements.

Just like all technology, breast implants and the cutting-edge surgical techniques that are used to position them, continue to evolve with time.

Many women who see Dr Miroshnik for an ‘upgrade’ are amazed at how much has changed in the decade since they originally had their surgery performed. 

Dr Miroshnik recommends that all breast implant patients, at the very least, obtain an MRI at the 10-year mark post their breast augmentation procedure. It is the single best way to check on the implant’s integrity and position over time.  

Remove implants alone


Dr M-6a copyIt is possible to remove implants alone and restore the breast back to its natural form at any time. The passage of time itself, under the influence of the weight of the implants, must however be considered when contemplating the result of such an operation. In cases, where there has been little change in the position of the breast, this operation when combined with removal of the implant capsule is all that is needed in those wishing to downsize.

Remove implants and lift/reshape the breasts


Dr M-6a copyIn those wishing to downsize by removing their old implants after many years who have noticed their breasts change in shape/droop over time, the best choice may often be to accompany the explantation with a simultaneous breast reshaping/lifting procedure.


In this combined procedure, Dr Miroshnik, removes the old implants and their capsules as well as lifts, rejuvenates and reshapes the remaining native breast tissue, creating a youthful, smaller, perkier breast. 


PIP Implants


siltex-gel-family-plus-ultra1Although Dr Miroshnik has never used these faulty implants, we have had a number of patients enquiring about their removal and replacement.

The now bankrupt French company, PIP, had distributed implants around the world that have been made with substandard silicone and as a result have an alarmingly high rupture rate.

We recommend any women who have had these implants to contact their original surgeon for further advice on what to do.

An MRI study is the best way to investigate whether a rupture has occurred in one or both implants, and this is the most logical way of starting the investigation.

For those who would still like to be treated by Dr Miroshnik, please email us for more information ( or call on (02) 9389 8108 (Sydney) or 1300 88 90 50 (Interstate). 

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